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Ayur Rathna Alleppey Resorts Snehapanam Treatment can help you live a full of health, happiness, and vitality. Ayur Rathna Alleppey Resorts is the only one Ayurvedic Resort in Kerala where you can get the best and most effective Snehapanam Treatment in the world of Ayurveda.

Snehapanam is one of the best curing methods of Ayurveda and it’s very special in every aspect. As a curative way, snehapana gives relax for certain body ailments and besides it’s a nourishing treatment. In Panchakarma, the snehapana plays an important part. While preparing panchakarma, the medicated ghee or snehapanam takes relevance, because, without snehapana, there is no entity for purification therapy ( panchakarma). The selected ghee is given to patients.

The amount of snehapana can be varied as per the health of the patient. In accordance with the digestive power of the patient, the ghee is given. The Snehapana consuming quantity would be changed or increased as per the capacity of the digestive system. But it has certain restriction especially to the period of Snehapana consuming. It must take the timing only for maximum 7 days.

This is the pre-operative procedure of panchakarma therapy. It is the process by which your body is lubricated. Snehapanam is of two types: Internal Snehapanam and External Snehapanam ( abhyanga, dhara, pizhichil, pichu etc).

Snehapana is of two types:

  • Achapana: It is the oral intake of medicated ghee in large quantity depending upon your digestion without mixing food. This is the preparatory procedure of Panchakarma Therapy.
  • Vicharana: It is where fatty substances are administered in small quantity daily through your food. This is done as nourishing therapy in vata, pitta and in emaciated persons.
  • Snehapana is beneficial for :
  • • Skin diseases like psoriasis
  • • Peptic ulcer
  • • Urinary disorders
  • • Gout
  • • Chronic ailments like piles, constipation etc.
  • • Diabetes mellitus

Snehapana is given as a first therapy before performing other ayurvedic treatments. and we also recommend fasting to the patients so that a good amount of energy is taken from Sneha by their body.

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