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Ayur Rathna Alleppey Resorts Shirovasti Treatment can help you live a full of health, happiness, and vitality. Ayur Rathna Alleppey is the only one Ayurvedic Resort in Kerala where you can get the best and most effective Shirovasti Treatment in the world of Ayurveda.

Shirovasti treatment looks like and serves the same purpose of ‘water cabin over the roof’. In Shirovasti we build a similar compartment over the head of the patient (can be done as a preventive treatment in healthy people too) and fill it up with different kinds of herbal oils to strengthen the head and its components.

shirovasti treatment

  • Shirovasti is Recommended for :
  • •Migraine
  • •Deafness
  • •Diseases affecting cranial nerves
  • •Facial Paralysis
  • •Insanity
  • •Diseases of the head and eyes
  • •Chronic cold
  • •Sinusitis
  • •Rheumatism
  • •Arthritis
  • •Abscesses and Wounds
  • Shirovasti treatment is so much more than just a way of treating the client's specific head injury. Its other benefits include:

  • •Nourishes the roots of the hair.
  • •Relieves stress
  • •Balance the body doshas
  • •Stimulates and nourishes the brain
  • •Rejuvenate the skin
  • •Calming the nerve endings of the head.
  • Shirovasti is Beneficial in :
  • •Balances Vata
  • •Offers sound sleep
  • •Relieves mental and physical strain and stress.
  • •Strengthen nervous system
  • •Effective in Eye diseases, allergies and neurological disorders.
  • •Improves functioning of 5 senses.
  • •Nourishes hair and scalp and many more.

In Ayurveda, Shirovasti is the primary method of healing the injuries in the head. Those suffering from insomnia, dementia, facial paralysis, migraines, nervous disorders and other head injuries may benefit from this treatment.  The treatment helps to competent enough to face the toughness of day-to-day life with ease. It is just like servicing and over oiling the body and mind on a regular basis. Healthy people can also have it once in a year to rejuvenate and update their health status.

For any specific query about Shirovasti treatment, please feel free to contact us or send us all your details at info@ayurrathna.com. Our team of highly experienced Ayurveda doctors will revert and would be happy to help you.

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