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Ayur Rathna Alleppey’s ayurvedic treatment for skin diseases can help you live a full of health, happiness, and vitality. Ayurrathna Alleppey is the only one Ayurvedic Resort in Kerala where you can get the best and most effective ayurvedic treatment for skin diseases in the world of Ayurveda. Ayurrathna Alleppey has a decade of experience in treating skin diseases.

Skin treatment in Ayurveda is probably the finest choice as the Ayurveda has given detailed description and analysis of the skin disorders and has narrated some of the best ayurvedic treatment for skin diseases which works on the root cause behind the skin disease and eradicates permanently.

ayurvedic skin care

We, at Ayurrathna Alleppey ayurvedic resort, provide the state of the art ayurvedic treatment for skin diseases. We provide treatment for almost all kinds of acute & chronic skin disorders like acne, black spots, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis etc. We also provide ayurvedic treatment for fair skin.

  • The Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin Diseases in Ayurrathna Alleppey includes:

  • Ayurvedic Powder Massage:

    Ayurvedic powder massage is also called as udwarthana in Ayurveda. It eliminates the wastes from the body, strengthens the joints, relives boating and improves the radiance of the skin.

  • Ayurvedic Face pack:

    Ayurvedic Face Pack is also called as Mukha lepanam in Ayurveda. The treatment uses.

  • Herbal Bath:

    It is also called as Ayurvedic snan in Ayurveda. It is a moisturizing and lubricating massage with herbal paste applied on the body followed by few minutes in a herbal steam chamber.

  • Foot massage:

    It is also called as padhabyanga in Ayurveda. The massage is concentrated on reflex areas of the feet with herbal oils.

Ayurveda has a very different approach to ayurvedic treatment for skin diseases from modern medicine. Rather than using topical agents alone like creams, lotions, and oils. Ayurveda treats the underlying skin problems at its root. In Ayurveda, the cause of skin conditions is thought to be due to a dosha imbalance. A dosha is your mind-body type and there are three doshas in Ayurveda.

Apart from these treatments, strict regimen and lifestyle changes are advocated.  At Ayur Rathna Alleppey Island Resort we are providing effective treatment methodology for treating Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin Diseases based on the Ayurveda lines of management coupled with years of experience and dedication. If the patient can come to the treatment in early stages of the disease, an even complete cure is also possible provided patient follows all the guideline including diet restrictions strictly.

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